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Firstly, if you clicked on to this page out of frustration from missing a print drop or receiving a refund - We feel your pain. As collectors ourselves we are fully aware of the anger when you miss out. Please understand we our doing our best to make this fair and efficient as possible. Hopefully, the information below helps you in the future.

  • We suggest creating an account through our online store to expedite the checkout process, as part of this you can also elect to sign up for our mailing list - We announce drops via our mailing list. Please note: Once we send the email we have no control over its delivery time to you.
  • We use Shopify to process payments - PayPal and all major cards accepted.
  • Adding an item to your cart does not insure you will be able to complete checkout before an item sells out - Be quick!
  • In the event of an over-sell we will honor the first completed orders and refund the rest.
  • We reserve the right to refund your order at any time for any reason - Including no reason.

All of the above stated items apply here as well as concerns listed below:

  • Only 1 print per day/order/person/household/entity - Multiple print orders will be refunded.
  • If you successfully purchase an Obey print from us, our policy is you cannot purchase from us the following Obey print drop.
  • We also follow the Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant eBay Policy
  • The above policies only apply to purchasing Obey prints from our website

Orders will be shipped to your Shopify account address – Make sure your info is current.

US Packages:
We ship via USPS Priority Insured Mail
Every US order includes tracking and insurance - Once we print your label you will receive an email notifying you of a tracking number.

International Packages:

Tracking included on items over $20 shipping. Once we print your label you will receive an email notifying you of a tracking number.
Insurance optional, contact gallery

We are NOT responsible for import and customs fee’s, VAT and taxes levied by your country.

We are not responsible for items damaged during delivery. However, in the event an issue arises we will work with you to file an insurance claim (US only) - Please note - Due to the very limited supply of items a replacement may not be possible.